For my brother and sister, who have helped improve and mold the strip as my dear critics. This strip is also for people who want magic to be fun, and for smart people who don't like to think.

A La Mode

Enter La Mie Enchantee, a bakery where pretzel men talk and gingerbread men sing. Lamode Sucre sells talking pretzels to pay the rent. Her patisserie La Mie also sells homemade chocolate, fresh-roasted coffee for the Arryn college students, fresh loaves of bread, and special, sentient French sweets. She tried to win over a restaurant reviewer, but Jack Pretzel spoiled that with sabotage.

Recently, under pressure to mass-produce talking pretzels and to hire her landlord's nephew, Lamode has taken nine-year old Schulz Nevin as a part-time apprentice.


Schulz brings oblivious passion for food to the bakery as he tames the pretzels in the kitchen. When not learning cooking basics, he plays with his friend Krishna-Zheng Song (Kei-Shen for short), tends his mother's backyard, and plays computer games.

The pretzels are sentient pastries made from pretzel dough and covered in fondant. Simple to make, hard to control.

Juggles Panfried, an early creation, makes use of his staleness to entertain the bakery or educate them, much to their displeasure. He has recently lost favor for helping Schulz the new apprentice.

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