Lamode Miranda Sucre

Ariel Sappho Victoire "Lamode" Miranda Sucre- The owner of the new bakery La Mie Enchante (The Enchanted Breadcrumb), Lamode combines her love for baking with a desire to start a new life in Arryn.

Lamode, a water and earth-based witch, inherited the power of healing from her mother, but has never received instruction on how to use it. When she turned fifteen, she burned up her eyes curing her friend Adam of malaria. Shortly after, her father whisked her to Paris where, after two years of coming to grips with her powers, she took an apprenticeship in several bakeries and altered her magic. She learned to breathe life into sweet creations; her gingerbread men attempt to escape to the outside world while the pretzel boys make sense of life's absurdities. She makes her own chocolate and brews her own coffee, ordering the beans for both from her native island Altar.

Lamode's birthday is on October 23rd. Her favorite holiday is Lent, her favorite color pink. She likes cream puffs filled with almond paste.

Schulz Albert Nevin- With an IQ of 149, a zeal for cooking and a hatred of genocide, Schulz enters the world of baking after becoming Lamode's apprentice.

Schulz is primarily a wind and fire-based witch, although he has a little earth-based magic . Like Lamode, he has never received instruction on how to use his "witchiness," as he calls it. An expert at freezing pretzels in mid-air, Schulz also excels in teleportation and telekinesis. He cannot manipulate the dead, time, or the weather, and his telepathy often backfires, revealing his own thoughts to the world.

Schulz's birthday falls on April 6th, the only time of the year when he gets presents. (His family doesn't celebrate Christmas.) His favorite dessert is chocolate chip pretzel boys with white hot chocolate.


Krishna-Zheng "K" Song- K is a multi-talented musician, video-game player, and best friend. He can play the violin, piano, drums, and flute.

K hails from Rwanda, where he narrowly escaped the 1994 genocide thanks to Rukhmini Prasad's intervention; she and her husband Huang-Shi Song adopted him. They lived in Paris for six years until Huang-Shi got a job transfer to the US. They now live in Arryn.

Kei-Shen's birthday is July 7th. His favorite dessert is Parisian lemon sorbet, his favorite holiday Fourth of July.

Bolivar Bartimaeus Grand

Bolivar Bartimaeus "B.B." Grand- B.B. is Lamode's beau and a second-year medical school student. He loves to sing and can do an accurate Rod Serling impression.

B.B. has lived in Arryn all his life with his sister Didi. His mother owned all of the land as cow pasture and sugarcane fields. When she committed suicide when he was ten and Didi fifteen, the land needed to be sold off . Their father now lives in a condominium north of Yantu, the nearby city. Didi still own their childhood house, a Spanish mansion. B.B. lives in his old bedroom .

B.B.'s birthday is November 2nd. New Year's Eve is his favorite holiday, although he prefers any holiday that gives him a break from school. His favorite dessert is a peanut butter pretzel boy.

Dr. Herod Jacob

Dr. Herod Jacob "Herry" Bill- Dr. Bill is a successful dentist, businessman, and job wrangler. He owns all of the hotel chains in the nearby town Yantu and most of the land in Arryn. A recent recession forced him to lease a bakery to Lamode Sucre for a lower rent, although he continues be her well-intentioned, meddling patron.

Dr. Bill lived in Germany for all his life until he met Cecily Vogel, Schulz's aunt, and moved to the US to be with her. They have been engaged for five years and counting. Dr. Bill and Schulz are not related by marriage.

Dr. Bill's birthday is on February 23rd. His favorite dessert is mocha cake drowned in coffee liqueur.

Mallory Gitl Gudgeon

Mallory Gitl Gudgeon- Mallory is a dedicated college student, Lamode's unofficial accountant, and a loyal customer. She can add up large sums in her head and calculate business profits and expenses in minutes. She is also a firm disbeliever in magic; not even her constant visits to the bakery have opened her eyes to Lamode and Schulz's antics.

Mallory grew up in Northern Florida, but she moved to Arryn to attend college and to fully sever ties with her mother. She works at the University of Arryn to pay off part of her college tuition and stays in Didi Grand's house to avoid dorm expenses. An accounting major and campus film critic, she hopes to use her math skills to benefit the world and pay back loans.

Mallory's birthday is May 13th. Her favorite sweets is a cup of warm hot chocolate with a couple of pretzel boys, along with a paper filled with equations.

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