Story So Far

Lamode Sucre is in her fifth month of running her bakery, La Mie Enchantee (The Enchanted Breadcrumb) at a loss. However, she has three or four regulars son far. These include her landlord Dr. Herod Bill, college freshman Mallory Gudgeon, and medical student B.B. Grand.

Mallory has taken over Lamode's accounting in exchange for free coffee and advises her to specialize in pretzel boys. Lamode hires Schulz, Dr. Bill's nephew to keep her landlord happy and the pretzels in line. While annoyed that Schulz was hired under manipulative pretenses (his uncle posted an ad behind Lamode's back that Schulz "found"), she appreciates his extra help and dedication to the craft.

Lamode has also had an unusual time during Schulz's first day. A policeman "thug" from an alternate universe attempted to steal coffee and a pretzel, another policeman has berated her regular B.B. for punching the "thug", and Kulinary Kate is coming to review her bakery. And Schulz has just asked Mallory if she's a vampire.

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