August 31st, 2010, 10:20 am

Culinary Context: The End of the First Day

Comic is in black and white due to that old stress known as "the start of school". Which is kinda like Schulz's start at the bakery, except he does go to school during the day once spring break ends for him.

The most important thing to do on the first day of a job, or at school:

1) Be prepared- make sure you know what to bring. Always have notebook paper, pencils and pens on hand. You at least need to take notes so you know what to bring the next day, and maybe get inspired.

2) Keep within eyesight of a clock- or carry your own watch. Although it's quite rude to look at in class, always know what time it is during your breaks so you can figure out what to accomplish during that time period. Velcro wristwatches are the best because they are convenient; old-fashioned pocket-watches, besides the expense, are more likely to become your metal yo-yo during the day.

3) Sleep well at least two days before you start- and don't get in fights with your family. It will only upset you and you'll be grumbling the whole day.

4) Stay courteous- if you shout profanities or mean words while waiting for a parking space, someone will probably hear you- that someone may be your future boss.

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