September 23rd, 2010, 11:04 am

Culinary Context: Parking Spaces

Today's comic is a piece I drew for a college newspaper (and I hope it made it to their website), a fun filler for those who like Beowulf and dislike rude drivers.

This is an open letter to everyone on the road, including myself: like Lisabeth says, you are not entitled to a parking space, especially one that another person is vacating. You may defend your position from other drivers, especially pushy ones, but you do NOT honk at the leaving car or shout profanities through the window if they roll down theirs to ask how much space they have. Not only are you ruining their day, but they may be your future employers or professors, and it's wise not to honk at your professors unless it's friendly honking. Or, even worse, you might be shouting profanities at a witch or even a god. I've posted up this Sandman comic before, but I think it illustrates the point.

We early morning people appreciate your consideration, especially when it is scarcely given. And we also know what kind of invisible insects will give you the willies. Like this one:

Or this one:

Someday I'll tell you about waking up with a cockroach in my pajamas. But for now, just be courteous drivers.

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