August 9th, 2011, 2:50 pm

Chocolate Preservation

This morning I went to the grocery store to pick up plastic wrap; we had run out last night. I also picked up a bit of chocolate when catching the relatively low prices. The weather was rainy, and I keep a green towel in the car for covering my umbrella during sunny weather.

Something I had learned last year: plastic umbrellas melt in the sun, especially when left in a hot car for hours. If you cover the umbrella with a thick towel, it will receive no sunlight. I placed the grocery bag under the same towel, turned on the car AC, and prayed that it would work. The scientific method requires more precise measurements than "one green towel, AC at seventy-eight degrees, logical faith, and a couple of hours," but I nevertheless had a method.

I forgot about the bag while running errands and updating this comic, and only remembered it when leaving a friend's house. Amazingly, despite the sun's late appearance in the morning, the bars were cool; the chocolate felt brittle. I have since deposited it into a cool cupboard, still unwrapped. Perhaps before school starts, I shall experiment with cacao de creme, hot chocolate boiled on the stove and refrigerated. At the least, it will be a fine companion to this morning's experiment.

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