April 19th, 2012, 8:25 am

Hurricon: Photos and All

At the Hurricon convention at the University of Miami, I gave away a lot of free sketches, done with Faber Castell markers. (I'm sorry for putting up these images two weeks late.) Each one came out differently. This lady was a good sport about her caricature, letting me take a photo so that I could let you judge.

These two guys were high school students with a sense of humor. The three of them were laughing at each other's sketches, which I did under two minutes, and bore with me when I redid them.

Why did I draw people as they looked through my work? Mainly because most of the convention-goers were gamers, and I don't know what video games or anime are currently hot. Next time I will put up specifics.

Cosplayers were probably the best part of the convention; these two were practically jumping when I gave them this sketch. They also didn't talk, but the one on the left squealed when I finished her caricature. I hope these two had a good time.

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