May 30th, 2012, 11:41 am

Culinary Context: Hairynet Hammock

New changes are coming to A La Mode this summer, starting with Lamode's hair and wardrobe. As you may surmise, Lamode won't be changing willingly; she needs a dramatic (and guaranteed hilarious) wake-up call. The pretzels are always willing to help, especially as bikini season hits the comic.

If you have any suggestions on how she can appear younger and still immaculate, then please email them or comment below; the person with the most creative and plausible suggestion gets a free watercolor.

Things to Consider If Submitting Suggestions:

1) Lamode, although 19, wants to appear professional and proper. She would not wear skimpy outfits, preferring to adopt the Mary Poppins look.

2) Her hair needs to be kept tied up or cut short so as not to mingle with the food preparation.

3) She will not buy any article of clothing that costs several hundred dollars.

Other changes will include updating the Cast and About page, revising sentience issues for the talking pretzels, and including a menu for La Mie Enchante. Schulz will have his own problems when the wind changes and keeps carrying him off the ground. Stay tuned!


Marj (Guest), June 10th, 2012, 1:58 pm

Wardrobe Changes I could see Lamode wearing scarfs (the short translucent ones, not the long, hipster scarfs). Scarfs have become both classic and contemporary, so they might suit both sides of her personality. When she's on the job, a cute (but not frilly) apron may help identify her as the head baker. She may also look younger if she kept her bangs and put the rest of her hair in a regular ponytail, instead of a tight knot.

Jaya Lakshmi, June 11th, 2012, 5:31 pm

I agree on all these points, Marj; scarves seem to be the way to go, as well. If I go with the ponytail look, maybe I could have one wrapped around Lamode's head like a bandanna.

If no one else responds, you'll be getting that free watercolor, so be sure to tell me what details you would like.

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