June 12th, 2012, 5:53 pm

Culinary Travels: New York

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Now, onto a travel blog with culinary anecdotes.

Two weekends ago, our family went on a trip to New York that was marred by airline delays and taxis that would not take five people. Aside from the airline delays and some unnecessary bickering, however, we had a good time, and my younger brother discovered who King Kong was and how large a blue whale could grow.

We enjoyed Central Park immensely; the park is designed like a nature preserve within the middle of the urban city. After you cross several intersections and enter the gates, you nearly get trampled by a dozen runners whose sneakers endure the stone steps and muddy path for the sake of cardio health.

Ice-cream stands are located throughout the park to snag these runners. The one above happened to be outside the park, but there were many more inside. As you can see, the foliage and road's many curves hide them from the unsuspecting athlete, tempting him as muscular strain and the sun dehydrate him slowly. We didn't stop to get ice cream because of my younger brother's allergies and because the stands need something of higher quality than Spider-Man Pops. but we felt very tempted.

As we were waiting outside this bakery for a taxi, I took reference photos, to see how a New York patisserie would compare with a Floridian one. That, and they had the cutest frog cupcakes. My older brother took a picture of me with a baker's statue.

I didn't get to enter this bakery, unfortunately, but I encountered a woman who did. She was dressed in a pink jumpsuit and carrying a gleaming box, almost jumping into this picture. I asked her if the cakes were as good as they looked.

"Yes. I've been coming for fifty years to get them."

There was a pause. I looked her over: blonde, skinny, and devoid of facial wrinkles.

"Did you say fifteen years?"

"No, FIFTY."

"But you don't look a day over twenty!"

She laughed. "Why thank you!"

Now when I draw my comic and worry about Lamode tempting people to obesity, I think of this woman.

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