October 31st, 2012, 7:45 pm

Culinary Halloween Book of the Week: Bunnicula

My biology teacher from sophomore year rescues abandoned bunnies. She brought some to class, explained how she ran a rabbit rescue, and helped us earn a thorough education on evolution and genetics. She also told me an interesting fact when I showed her a bunny video: "Bunnies are scary."

She was referring to a cartoon I showed her where a little girl wanted bunnies instead of monstrous reptiles in a story, but her comment could easily refer to an American children's classic: Bunnicula.

Source: http://eisenhowerbattle.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/bunnicula.jpg

When an educated family finds an abandoned rabbit at the movie theater, their pets become suspicious. Well, at least Chester the cat does; Howard the dog-- also our chocolate-loving narrator-- thinks the bunny means no harm. White, dried-up vegetables start appearing in the Monroe household, however, and Chester becomes determined to get rid of the little vampire.

Dating from 1979, when an out-of-work couple sat down and hammered out a novel, Bunnicula has developed over the years into a supernatural series that continues to win readers over. Deborah died of cancer before the original book got published, but reader support motivated James How to write a sequel and continue the series.

Howe asks a rather interesting question: we know that vampires are bad business, but what if the vampires only hurt vegetables? What if they sleep during the day and don't hypnotize their victims? Would we still accept them? If we are like cats, probably not; Chester's nighttime reading of Poe and Stoker has made him paranoid. For Howard and the soft-hearted reader, however; we don't see evil wrapped in a bundle of white fur.

In addition to questions about judging creatures by their genre, food connects every character in the book, whether the meal is whitened vegetables or chocolate cake for Howard. Chester does his best to starve the rabbit with garlic, and the story's climax involves how to feed Bunnicula without letting him suck the lettuce dry.

There won't be a comic tomorrow because I'm taking a short break, but buffer will be up next week. Have a Happy Halloween, and keep an eye on your vegetables.

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