February 13th, 2013, 9:29 pm

No Culinary Context: The Baker in Business of Denial

I don't often write about political issues in my webcomic, but given that I write about an enchanted bakery this seemed pertinent. Back in January, a baker
refused to make a weeding cake for an Oregon gay couple because gay marriage violated his religious beliefs. He had made cakes for gay couples for, just not for weddings, and he honestly seems like a nice guy.

These facts didn't bother me about the event. The fact that the baker has received dozens of supporters regarding his right to refuse service, and that such dogma exists that nice people follow it even at the risk of isolating others and hurting themselves, upset me. I was raised on public television and liberal private school values: even if someone has a different or unfamiliar lifestyle, they have to be treated as equals.

I toyed with a similar idea happening with Lamode, with her refusing service and having to see the bakery's inhabitants go to war. Mallory is gay, so her sympathy would be with the gay couple,

That toying lasted only for a minute.

First, the bakery will be receiving all sorts of strange customers like ancient warriors and cyberpunk kids with sweet cravings. Neither Lamode nor Schulz would blink an eye at a gay couple and they need the money. Second, Lamode already has a lesbian accounting major doing her bills, and Mallory has proven to be a loyal if sensitive best friend.

Third, A La Mode seeks to make people laugh and cry not over issues, but over PEOPLE. The idea of a good person living by unfair dogma will be coming up for different reasons, and I don't want to preach my viewpoint and go Ayn Rand. Lamode and B.B. are Christian but I am agnostic and struggling to understand the Bible as a science-oriented woman, for example; I let them and the other characters tell their stories with my humorous jabs expressing personal biases. That's what this storyline has mainly been about: Lamode and B.B. learning more about the other, and trying to figure out if they can accept having different beliefs and equally crazy family members.

Now on a happier note, I can assure you that this storyline ends on a relatively satisfying note because of Valentine's Day. Lamode and B.B. will not break up any time soon, not when they're starting to get to know each other.

I will only push certain agendas on my blog, like how you should spend Valentine's Day. If you have a loved one, use tomorrow to spend time with them, be they a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent or child. A grandmother asked me to write a valentine poem for two grand-kids, giving me oodles of information.

I've never felt happier spreading honest, adoring affection.

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