April 4th, 2013, 9:32 pm

Culinary Event: The Edible Book Festival

On Monday, our university library hosted the fourth annual Edible Books Festival, where people use books as inspiration for creative desserts. Some had pure fun, like the Pie Rat cake above, some went for the morbid approach, like a Hunger Games tribute, and some were pure fun interpretations.

Although one should never consider the Hunger Games "sweet," we have to commend the decorator for including a rose and this quote.

The above entry was my favorite because I'm a Neil Gaiman fan forever, and this was based on his picture book The Day I Swapped by Dad for Two Goldfish. Although I haven't read the book, I can imagine plenty enjoyed the gelatin goldfish here.

I vow to enter the contest in the year of 2014 if possible, because on previous occasions I have been too busy to enter. The first time was because I was sick, the second and third because friends bailed out, and this year it was because I had a marketing exam an April Fool's Prank the second day of. The April Fool's prank is for another blog post, however. For now, simply enjoy these photos and my promise to contribute next year.

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