May 16th, 2013, 9:59 pm

Late Comic (Again) and Hiatus Next Week

Today's comic is finished. It is inked. Because of circumstances beyond my control, however, it will not be scanned till tomorrow. But it is ready.

It is ready! Now, to just as important business . . .

Next week my family and I will be on vacation, with no Internet access, so there will be no comics till May 30th (giving myself leeway to draw more filler comics) and we should return to regularly scheduled updates, twice a week.

About the recent tennis comics; they are based on truth. Like Schulz I disagreed with the prospect of running around in the sun and trying to hit properly. No one made puppy dog eyes, however, to convince me to play; Gatorade was our incentive.

So, comic coming your way tomorrow and will be back with photos of the West Coast!

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