August 15th, 2013, 10:28 am

Reason for One Comic This Week

Hey all, long time no see. We're near the end of this long storyline, but this week only has one comic. Next week, I promise that you'll see Schulz's idea in action and how it works.

The reason why I didn't get a comic finished was because of many events that coincidence, the foremost being recording for this new animated show, Happy Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday is about a fourteen-year old boy trying to get rid of his ten-year old imaginary friend. I do the voice of said imaginary friend, perky Tuesday. Oliver has issues, with a dead mother and a workaholic dad, and he needs help. His only real friend recommends her psychologist aunt, who has issues as well but want to help him, for a price. Tuesday in the meantime doesn't want to vanish from Oliver's life, no matter how much her presence annoys him.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was recording for the pilot, which features lots of the Tuesday character. Recording the first table reading took several hours on Tuesday, and then I ran through my lines for an hour on Wednesday. Normally I would have spent that time drawing or writing, hence why only one comic got drawn. One day I'll write a long post about the process, including having to do lines over, making people bust a gut with improvisation, and making creative suggestions. It's quite fun for an animation buff like myself to get involved with the process.

Happy Tuesday will premiere in early January, and I'll post a link to the pilot.

Next week will have two comics. Also, college is starting up; if you are attending a US university, please ask your campus newspaper if they can print A La Mode, and give them this link so they get a glimpse of the comic at its best.

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