September 29th, 2013, 3:47 pm

Culinary Context: Tea

My friend Matt Anderson at my request wrote a blog post on why he doesn't like yea. As you can tell from comics, Lamode drinks tea on a regular basis, especially when she is stressed. I am not like that, but I found his reasons for not liking the beverage interesting.

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Since he was kind enough to expand on his dislike and distaste for "flavoured water" as he called the concoction, I will explain my nostalgia for tea despite having developed an addiction for coffee.

When I was in middle school, before my oldest sister moved out, I fell sick. Really sick over the weekend, and for the first time in my life I wanted to go to school so I wouldn't fall behind. Private education offered that sort of stress, in addition to the middle school bullies and inability to run properly in track.

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Before, if I drank the chai tea that my mom boiled on the stove, I'd gag at the taste, even with sugar. Yet my oldest sister brewed me a good cup of black tea and made sure I kept it down. I have a fond memory of orange flavors seeping through, the darkness mixing with the sweetness. After that, when I entered high school, I became a full-fledged tea drinker, getting hyper after drinking five cups during a weekend trip.

Tea represents comfort and the compulsion to gulp down a warm drink. I have a clear memory of talking to a bookstore lady, who told me that the British prepare a cup of strong tea in times of distress. She was from the UK, and she recommended preparing it with plenty of sugar and cream. People in Harry Potter do that sort of thing, made strong and sweet cups of tea.

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Nowadays I prefer coffee, because coffee can be bottled for going through the day, and because I merely have to drink what someone else has prepared. I have microwaved my own tea before, but it doesn't have the strange richness associated with java, or the family ties with my mom and older sister.

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That is the story of why I like tea: because it represents comfort to me, a soothed throat and time to contemplate a stressful moment. Before I sign off, I think I may pour myself a cup.

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