August 13th, 2014, 11:41 am

In Memoriam: Robin Williams

I drew this watercolor in a homage to my favorite Robin Williams role, as the genie in Aladdin. "Friend Like Me" is the catchiest song in the film, not to mention the most entertaining. We see a genie display all his potential for his new master, all the wishes that Aladdin could receive. In the subsequent Disney sequels and shows, despite changing voice actors, Genie was no less entertaining or zany, and he kept bringing funny moments to break tension.

On Monday, Robin Williams was found dead; we now know that he hung himself and attempted to slit his wrists. He was 63, had done 18 months of acting, and had a loving family while celebrating his third marriage. Monday was a rough day for me already, but it was a shock to come online and read that he had died on August 11, 2014.

As you can see, my character Juggles was heavily influenced by the Genie. Juggles enjoys the show, wearing tuxedos, and telling jokes. He may not be as funny as Robin Williams, but he does know how to cheer people up when they're down, or to help them have a good time. In times of danger, he protects the ones that he loves and will not back down from a huge threat. Being unable to get killed probably plays into that, but he won't let Lamode or Schulz get hurt at all, much like how the Genie protects Aladdin and Jasmine.

Without the Genie, there would be no Juggles; my little pretzel man exists to make others laugh, even when facing darkness. He gives me a good reason to keep drawing the comic, to provide those various character moments and Toon-like qualities. Thank you, Robin Williams, for voicing such an unforgettable character.

* Special thanks to http://ruths-study.com for having all these screencaps!

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