June 2nd, 2010, 8:44 am

Culinary Context: Chocolate Liquor

As you may have surmised, chocolate or cacao liquor, while not as invigorating as Juggles would like you to believe, is real and is in fact the basis for most of the chocolate we have out there.

After roasting and shelling cacao beans, you have to grind it into cacao liquor to get this base. The grinding is the hardest part because the nibs are as hard as diamonds and you'll only go so far with a mortar and pestle. (That's an adventure I'll talk about another time . . .) Most people online recommend food processors, although the real specialty item is a cacao mill or such that chocolatiers use.

Next post will be about the mythology behind chocolate, and why I talked about it as a source of life.

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