June 9th, 2010, 9:03 am

Culinary Book of the Week: The Cupcake Queen

I love going to the library because you never know what will happen when you pick up a random book. Not only did I find a CULINARY novel this week (they're rare where I live), but a CULINARY YA novel! I think this was to make up for the Rainbow Monster coming in last night and stealing my paints.

The Cupcake Queen is actually a light YA novel that is iced with interesting cupcake designs, sad character backgrounds, and the funniest pranks on pageant girls. Penny Lane's parents separate; she goes with Mom and Grandma to open a bakery in Hog's Hollow while her dad stays in New York. Not only is Penny upset that her parents are one step away from divorce, but her mother won't talk with her, she's made an enemy of the most popular girl at her high school, and she's not sure if a boy she met in the beach is toying with her or not. One bright spot is Tally, a girl obsessed with rock-paper-scissors who decides to run for a pageant she was banned from by sabotaging the other contestants.

Totally mild, edible, and worth the read, which made me rethink the idea of selling cupcakes especially after reading scathing comments about it on a blog. And for me it's justified having a nine-year as Lamode's apprentice.

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