June 16th, 2010, 2:31 pm

Culinary Context: Out of the Shower

Public showers and I haven't had as much contention as I'd thought. My first exposure was during summer camp when we had to swim in a dark indoor pool; the crowds of women were enough to convince me to never try. Then high school swimming came along and whenever I had to, I showered in a clean, rough stall where everything smelled of chlorine and blue soap. And they were comforting during the day I capsized in a kayak and got soaked up to my chest in saltwater; NOT fun for those wearing shorts and t-shirt. No, my problem was remembering to bring a towel.

Towels are quiet creatures; they will only come if you remember to pack them for the day. Their behavior is infectious; if you don't forget them, your jeans will opt out of the trip. Fortunately, my clothes have never actually DISAPPEARED on me as they have with Schulz, but I try to keep spares anyway.
But forgetting a change of clothes was worth it on the days in we'd go out on the boat and collect little puffer-fish and sea-horses for AP Environmental. NO one can resist sea horses, not even the girls who stick to bathtubs.

Do not fear the public shower, although you may avoid them at leisure. Public showers are gentlemen when it comes to cleanliness. Just keep an eye on your towels.

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